Eliminate introduces a follow-up to recover the fugitives outside the country files Division

BAGHDAD / justice - 1:04 - 01/18/2016

The introduction of the Higher Judicial Council, a special division to follow the recovery of fugitives abroad files, as he emphasized that the action comes in implementation of the decisions of the last meeting of the Council beginning of the month Gara.oukal spokesman for the judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement that "the Board decided to develop a special division to pursue Files Recovery Retrieve Division and fugitives called out of Iraq. "He added that" the headquarters of this division will be in the presidency of the General Prosecution Service, "and said that" it was the allocation of a public prosecutor to oversee them and to assign assistants judicial specialists to carry out its functions ".ofatt Bayrakdar that" reports of this Division lifted a month to the presidencies of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor's Office ", stressing that" the move was in implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Judicial Council in its last meeting and reported about activating the role of the public prosecutor on the recovery files that belong to the accused and convicted fugitives, especially in cases involving terrorism and financial corruption. "