80 billion dinars Iraq's debt in 1015
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Thread: 80 billion dinars Iraq's debt in 1015

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    80 billion dinars Iraq's debt in 1015

    80 billion dinars Iraq's debt in 1015

    New Morning
    Economic Affairs
    January 15th, 2016

    Tamimi: The government paid 2.7 trillion dinars to the staff of a losing companies
    Baghdad's new morning:

    Announced a parliamentary source said the size of the deficit in the currency auction totaled five billion dollars and that the total government debt stood at 82.4 billion dollars and oil revenues 38 billion, among those that the government pays about 2 trillion and 700 billion dinars for the staff of loss-making companies which 113 company numbered to 44 profitable.
    And plans to the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi to report to the House of Representatives regarding the budget year 2015 for remarks she described as «important», including the size of the deficit in the currency auction totaled five billion dollars and that the total government debt stood at 82.4 billion dollars and oil revenues 38 billion.
    Tamimi said it will provide a final report on the budget year 2015 to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, and the «very important data» on total government debt during 2015, which amounted to 82.4 billion dollars, in addition to oil revenues, which amounted to 38 billion.

    She explained Al-Tamimi said the report includes the detection of total internal and external debt amounting to $ 82.4 billion, and inclusive of 26 internal religion billion », as pointed out that« the total was sold in the currency auction in 2015 totaled $ 44 billion, while the total oil revenue after deducting dues companies $ 38 billion, which means a deficit of more than five billion dollars ».

    The report confirms that «the number of loss-making companies is 113 company for 44 profitable», indicating that the government pays about «2 trillion and 700 billion dinars for the employees of these companies», also pointed out that «received loans from banks to cover loans of public companies amounted to 8.8 trillion dinars ». They revealed that «the quantity sold to banks from the date of the third of the month of January to the tenth of it to $ 785,222,144, while the quantity sold from the date of January fourth to tenth from 2015 is 620,371,000 dollars«.

    He noted that the report warns that «the number of central funding staff reached three million and 493 thousand and 122 employees, and the number of corporate officers amounted to 479 thousand and 100 employees», also noted that «compensation of employees in 2015 amounted to 41.045 trillion dinars», in total, and modern Tamimi , the salaries of retirees 11 trillion dinars.

    The total financial advances exceeded, according to Al-Tamimi 0.142 trillion dinars, noting that the report confirmed «that disbursements in 2014 amounted to 112.192 trillion dinars, in addition to the $ 14.915 trillion dinars ancestor and ongoing investment and $ 7.5 trillion dinars first-term balance.»
    Considers al-Tamimi, in a report published «Elaph», it is not right government to withdraw foreign reserves of the central bank, and that it must first government for parliamentary approval because the central bank as an independent body followed to the Iraqi parliament and the vote of his deputies determines the possibility of it, but Parliament now refuses the withdrawal of the government from the central reserve.

    It also revealed that the government has its own reserves can pull it to cover the deficit suffered by the state.
    Central Bank of Iraq and denied reports about breaking into its building, the center of Baghdad, and stopped selling the dollar operations, and as he emphasized the continued sale of currency and meet the market needs of the dollar, warned of «rumors that confuse the Iraqi market».

    A statement issued by the Central Bank, said that «the last few days has seen some of the speculators and other abusive exploitation of the statements of some officials, politicians and otherwise manipulating exchange rates in the domestic market and most recently they launched rumors, including the storming of the central bank or the existence of a lack of liquidity or stop selling the dollar ».
    The statement added that «at a time when the central bank denied the rumors and baseless news altogether, it confirms the continuation of the work window sell the currency and meet the market needs of the dollar in light of the strength of its reserves of foreign currency.»
    He called on the central bank, according to the statement, the Iraqi citizens to «the lookout for these tendentious rumors, which aims to confusion and disrupt the Iraqi market».

    The Central Bank of Iraq denied on Saturday the ninth of January this, his intention to edit the dinar exchange rate, and in attributing it to install its price in the budget agreement with the Government and the IMF, and not to damage citizens, counting to address the financial situation must be the promotion of sectors «real ».
    The Ministry of Finance, that the size of the World Bank loans provided to Iraq in 2015 amounted to about one billion and 900 million dollars, and while confirming that these loans were distributed among ages and gas projects, infrastructure and reconstruction of the liberated areas of the organization Daash.

    The Finance Ministry said in a statement «Elaf» received a copy of the «Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari received, representative of the World Bank Robert presence in Iraq and discuss cooperation between the government and the World Bank relations».
    According to the statement, it has been discussed «special procedures to loans provided by the Bank of Iraq, which includes reconstruction and rehabilitation of the liberated areas of terrorism loan (Daash) and to provide assistance in key sectors and vital to achieve stability and to ensure the return of displaced persons and displaced», adding that «second loan includes funding development policy to support the 2016 budget. »
    The central bank dinar deficit
    Brief New Morning

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