Automotive business launches campaign to check and car maintenance free citizens in next February

Thursday, January 14, 2016
General Motors Trading Co. has announced the launch of its campaign to initiate volunteer for the repair and testing and diagnosing faults of the number of types of cars for free for a period of fifteen days from the first of next February, indicating that the citizen bears only the cost of materials.
The ministry was quoted in a statement from the company's general director Ali Hashim al-Saadi, said that "the company will proceed launching its campaign volunteer for the repair and testing and diagnosis of faults for cars Alsayba and Alsmond and Peugeot and Alaopetra and Alavio and Alsonk and cruise and Kia and Alhavandaa and Alberton and sherry kinds and bus my side] for free for a period of fifteen days from the first of February Next, noting that this campaign comes as part of a broadcast spirit of volunteerism among the company's employees from the engineering and technical cadres and line with the directives of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. He pointed out that perform maintenance, examination and diagnosis of faults for cars will be using sophisticated screening devices for free to all citizens who own these cars are to be borne by the owner of the car mentioned kinds, the cost of materials only will this campaign in all garages company in Baghdad. " He called on citizens who are in possession of these types of cars to a review of the company to participate in this campaign to sustain communication and cooperation between the citizen and the company. In another context, al-Saadi said "the continuation of his company's marketing kinds of modern cars bearing the number of traffic coordination with cars Consolidated Industries Company in Iraq and those cars newly arrived are the types of Kia Pecatu and Alseerato and Alaopettma and Karen and Rio and Kia pickup and Alhavandaa Verna Taxi and Elantra and the types of Peugeot Babylon BBC and Wi-de-wheel drive and good and ur Lifan SUV. He pointed out that "these types of cars are sold for cash and can any citizen who wants the acquisition of these cars as it only found on the official prices in the company's website or review the marketing outlets in Baghdad and the provinces," A.