War: the new courses for the judiciary a new step in the way of judicial reform

Date: Thursday 01.14.2016 7:08

Follow-up / Iraq today
He confirmed the legal expert, Tariq Harb, that the decisions of the judiciary published by some newspapers On 01/13/2016 m, which was approved by the Supreme Judicial Council at its first meeting for the year 2016, confirms once again the determination of the judiciary to walk in their approach to take remedial actions, as much as it comes to the courts and organs of the judiciary despite the chill and stop reform measures in other authorities.
He pointed out war "that which we ask of the judiciary following up the implementation of those decisions to their importance and gravity and hang it in truth and justice and the citizen and the state, which were distributed among these decisions on all of the judiciary and its activities and confirmation of these decisions on some of the indicators that can tell where it was necessary not to be limited thanks presented by the judiciary to employees of the Central Criminal Court only and it was necessary to be thanked years for all employees of the judiciary, or at least be added to this Thanksgiving presidency of the resumption of the Federal Rusafa Court, which contain between courts on the courts is well-known in other presidencies Appeal financial Kalmgmh Court publishing and advertising . "and war:" Because the presidency of the resumption of Rusafa dealing with a number of the population is the population of Rusafa who increase in the population of the four or five provinces of the population, as well as it was necessary to expand the development of judicial referred to in these decisions in line with the expansion made in the work of the judiciary from claims and issues with the accompanying of the small number of judges and a few employees of the judiciary others ".ootny Hrbaaly other judicial authority decisions, noting that by saying:" Truth be told that the other paragraphs of the decisions of the judiciary deserve praise and praise and praise and flattery especially with regard to activate the public prosecutor In the follow-up of detainees issues and to require public prosecutors determine their responsibilities for a set number of detainees each member's claim in so that the user is responsible for a number of detainees and follow up their cases and their claims, as well as contained in the decisions on the recovery files to the defendants and ruled out of Iraq was clear this decision for what outside the purview of the judiciary and within the competence of other authorities, especially when he recalled coordination with the foreign and interior ministries.
Stressing: "This authority decisions, aired life again in the judicial oversight when he did not stop the work of all judicial supervision department, and ordered the heads of Appeal to carry out tours supervisory inspection, and this is what distinguishes the judicial supervision of the new form, contrary to what had been in place previously from the Department supervision divergent its visits are the only party that holds sword judicial supervision, and well done the decisions of the judiciary when necessitated the urgency of the administrative investigation, which must be done by the administrative authorities before the judicial inquiry to get to the reality of the act and the fact that the actor precisely what results in achieving the highest standards of justice and so the decisions the judiciary has expanded the introduction of the post of Legal Consultation at the head of the public prosecutor to follow up the integrity of their importance popularly and seriousness of the public money of the Iraqi economic reality issues, and reached the judiciary the highest levels of truth and justice in the search for crime and access to the criminal when what counts Guide considered legally as a basis to take legal action away from suits cases of malicious or misleading the judiciary, and the summit decisions of the judiciary into account the financial situation of the state employees of this authority in the area of ​​spending an explicit call to reduce expenses and stay away from extravagance. "