Citizen bloc reveal details of her paper for the reform of the State Administration


It revealed the citizen bloc led by al-Hakim, the full details of the Orkta reform submitted them to the three presidencies and political forces, pointing out that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised Bdrasthma and implement what could be taking it, while stressed that the first paper General include how the State Administration, pointed that other details entered in the work of the authorities and placed axes to deal with the parliament and the government and the judicial file.

A leading figure in the cluster Fadi al-Shammari, said that "bloc made since the end of September of last year and papers relating to the reform of the three presidencies and political forces all."

He said al-Shammari said in an interview with the newspaper "New Morning", that "everyone welcomed Bouktotna, while Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who left him the option to utilize them, promised to examine the implementation of its provisions as possible to take it, and we still await the response."

He pointed out that "the first paper includes political reforms and how to manage state components and implementation of reconciliation legislation and laws." He noted that "the second sheet entered into the details of the work of the authorities and dealt with procedural aspects, has been divided on the three paragraphs concerning parliamentary and governmental and judicial action."

It was to be "axis Parliament to prioritize the enactment of laws and we have found that there are 16 projects must be approved before the end of this year."

Among the laws Shammari said it was "specific to the Federal Supreme Court, and the Supreme Judicial Council, and the National Guard, the Iraqi ministries, oil and gas, and distribution of oil revenues, as well as a vote on the members of the Federal service."

As for the axis on government work, the leader of the Bloc citizen said that "includes several points, including the implementation of the financial and economic reform, the start of the budget, leading to the issuance of instructions relating to investment," following up "any transition from a rentier state to sponsor through the intensification of private sector support ".

Shammari digress "This axis also includes agricultural reform and strategy development land and industrial reform."

As revealed "Plan wishing to transfer from public to private sector employees to meet the state bearing the text of their salaries for two years, and the calculation of service for the purposes of retirement", he stressed that "our estimates indicate the possibility of the initial enrollment of two million employees in this process."

Shammari He added that "the development of government action plan to also put a $ 70 billion a year by giving salaries to government and private banks for the purpose of distribution to employees and retirees."

He believes that "this mechanism will provide several benefits, including the blocks to find cash to banks to help them invest and the granting of loans, in addition to receiving salaries that would be under the smart card provides a commission to the state."

And last theme in the reformist paper procedural Shammari comment as "belonging to the judicial work they include all the joints of the courts, and given us the broad powers of the President and the Office of the President to implement it."