Figures for total expenses, debts and salaries Winners and Losers companies in 2015

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} revealed a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, from the statistics of the total expenses, debts and salaries winners and losers and the companies in 2015, declaring its intention to provide these statistics report to the House of Representatives, stressing the need to apply the expense with the actual fact by the Board of Control for budget 2014 expenses that were higher than the 2013 budget by 12.9%.
Said al-Tamimi told {Euphrates News} "The sum of the internal and external debt stood at 82.4 billion dollars, within 26 debt of $ internal billion, indicating that" the total was sold in the currency auction in 2015 of $ 44 billion, while total oil revenues after the premium deduction companies $ 38 billion {a shortfall of more than five billion dollars}, and the number of loss-making companies 113 company for 44 winner, while pay 2 trillion and 700 billion for corporate officers amounted to loans from banks to cover loans to public companies 8.8 trillion dinars. "
She noted that "the quantity sold to banks from the date of 3 to 10 of this month to $ 785 222 144 while the quantity of the date of 4 to 10 of the first month of 2015 is 620.371 million dollars."
She said that "the number of central funding staff totaled 3,493,122 employees and the number of company employees 479 100 thousand employees, and compensation of employees in 2015 amounted to 41.045 trillion dinars."
It completed and that "the pensions amounted to 11 trillion dinars and advances crossed the 142 trillion dinars."
Tamimi noted that "disbursements in 2014 amounted to 112.192 trillion dinars in addition to the $ 14.915 trillion ancestor under way and the amount of investment and the balance of 7.5 trillion first time and this means that the 2014 budget is the highest budget figures after 2003".
And confirmed he was "supposed to be the application of the expense with the actual fact by the Court of control and deal with it as a statement of expenses for the statement growling because the figure is reasonable and there is no law organized by considering that the 2014 budget exceeded the budget of 2013 increased by 12.9 percent and this bypass must Accounting him because the supposed exchange and one of the twelve of the previous year "
With regard to the Winners and Losers companies said Tamimi said, "is the winning companies {12 in the Ministry of Industry and 17 in the Ministry of Oil and 7 in the Ministry of Transport and 3 in the Ministry of Trade and 3 in the Ministry of Water Resources and 2 in the Ministry of Agriculture."
Tamimi concluded by saying "it will provide these figures and statistics in a report to the House of Representatives to be discussed in the parliament sessions" .anthy 1