President of the Republic confirms the importance of promoting the national economy


Union: President of the Republic received Fuad Masum, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Monday, chairman of the economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives Mr. Jawad al-Bolani, and a number of members of the Committee. President infallible and stressed the importance of the development of national investment agencies, whether at the center or in the provinces, and to be these bodies departments with expertise and skills, indicating the need for attention to investment in industry, agriculture, tourism and housing sectors, and reflected positively on the daily life of citizens, as well as the advancement of the national economy of by finding substitutes for oil imports, and not rely on rentier economy once and for all. President infallible and stressed the importance of attention to large investment projects, particularly in the manufacturing, agriculture and energy sectors including renewable energy, pointing to the need to unify the movement of investment in community projects such as building schools, universities, hospitals, civil and make it conform to international standards. For his part, Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment Jawad al-Bolani stressed the importance of the Presidency of the Republic authentication on investment because of its Code of importance in the development of the state look towards investing in the private sector and the introduction of foreign expertise, and providing support to the international effort to help Iraq's economic development his career. Bolani pointed to Iraq's intention to provide the invitations to investors to attend the second International Conference on investment in the country, to be held next February, especially after the age of Iraq's new investment law, which meets the requirements of investors through the open broad prospects in the aspects of finance and ownership, rights and protect and encourage investors to come to country.