Preparatory meetings for the Summit begins in early March the last trimester


Arabic League resolved agenda ... And Iraq proposals will contribute to stability in the region
Baghdad Cairo-Alaa Al-ISRA Khalifa
The Permanent Representative of Kuwait confirmed the whole Arabic had been "resolved the Baghdad Summit agenda scheduled for the 29th of this month", revealed the Government spokesman Al-Dabbagh said the Summit alastaddat is under way as event level for the region.
Ambassador Jamal Al-ghunaim said at a press conference in Cairo yesterday, attended by "the morning": "preparing the agenda of the Arab ministerial preparatory meeting, which will be launched next Saturday, noting that preparations completed to host the Summit in Baghdad and the Arab ministerial meeting will adopt the agenda after consideration and decide thereon before it is presented to Arab leaders, adding that Al-ghunaim introductory meetings in Cairo Summit Baghdad will begin on the 21st of this month, at the level of senior officials of the economic and Social Council with the aim of preparing the file and on 22 at the level of permanent representatives to prepare the political file. it was agreed that the preparatory meetings at the ministerial level in Baghdad to be on the level of Arab finance and economy ministers on 27 this month, followed by a meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers on 28, stressing that all arrangements for the Summit are proceeding smoothly.
In the same context, Dr. Ali Dabbagh revealed in a special permit for (morning) on the preparations for the Summit were under way as event level for the region and continued: "we want to foster important decisions be Baghdad to assist fellow Arabs and Arab and regional situation", expressing optimism the Government that the decisions taken at the Summit rise to "event across Dabbagh also expressed optimism that the attendance at the event also important conditions experienced by the region, indicating that"We will be happy to share the Arab leaders as we hope that all participants in this Summit," between Iraq "will be a set of ideas that serve as an initiative to ensure the stability of the region and resolve their crises, especially that Iraq part actor in the region and part of the resolution therefore must interact with its regional, Arab and regain its pivotal role in this regard," the Government spokesman said that "Iraq is keen to host the Summit because it is Arabic for a deserving national." stressed the importance of holding the Summit in Developments in the Arab world, stressing that Iraq has taken the success of Summit Logistics preparations to host the meeting and contribute to finding solutions to the problems in the region. "in the meantime, Arab Ambassadors to the League, Arabic Arabic Summit importance in Baghdad, it comes after the Arab spring and invaded the region, developments in all issues of economic, social and political Arabic. According to the work of the session 137 Arabic League held in Cairo on Wednesday at the level of permanent representatives with the participation of the representative of Iraq to the University Arabic Ambassador Kais Al-Azzawi. At the beginning of the meeting the Ambassador Saleh bin Abdallah Al-buainain, permanent delegate of Qatar University delivers new Presidency of Gamal Al-ghunaim Kuwait delegate after waiver of State of the Comoros. Here, Ambassador Al-buainain in addressing the meeting, Iraq to host the Summit at the end of March Arabic, "wishing him success and reach historic decisions with this delicate stage of the nation." said the Assistant Secretary-General of the Department of public information and communication University Arabic Ambassador Mohamed alkhmlishi said a high-level delegation headed by improving shaikhali proxy spokesperson Iraqi Government soon to visit the University Arabic stand on the latest information and logistical arrangements and the artistic Arabic University. He particularly for "morning": That "all aspects of the media and press centres had fully processed in Baghdad with the latest technical equipment and art where there is a very large information centre beside the Hall Chairperson for the Conference for media interviews and extensive media coverage of what is happening in the Conference Hall to meet the wishes of the media" alkhmlishi who visited Iraq recently, media delegation will go to Baghdad after meeting senior officials of the ministries of Foreign Affairs and trade, economy, noting that preparations are all good and ready to receive Arabic Summit and luxurious possibilities and good and a high level of sophistication And progress in Iraq, Iraqis staged a major effort and Summit Baghdad will not less important than other Arabic summits rivalled. and on the expectations of the audience to the leaders and Presidents of Arab Summit Baghdad, alkhmlishi said: we are our vision as an Arab University, this is a time for truth which requires an Arab Summit, while existing political mobility in the Arab world requires that there should be a Summit, we must not abandon the firm became acknowledged as Arabic Summit each year in March in a sequence So we stick to alphabetical to preserve this rule and at the same time that Iraq could receive all Arab leaders at best conditions even Security Conference located in very safe area and terrorist operations in Iraq were exist here and there in the whole world and not in Iraq alone.
Alkhmlishi said: that Iraqis are ready too where we have seen during our visit to Theatre directing, organizing and moving security in Baghdad is prepared to a high level of techniques as seen also how Arab leaders and heads of reception and transit corridor through to the various accommodation and rooms both for meetings of the economic and Social Council or the Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs.
For its part, said media adviser in the Office of the Prime Minister: President Jalal Talabani is head of the Department of Arabic, while the Summit would represent Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Mary boss stated that "President Jalal Talabani is from Arabic Summit will have nothing to do with Iran or Arabic Summit file support Maliki to head Summit instead of Talabani", noting that "Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will represent Iraq at the Summit of Arabic and Talabani would return to Washington prior to the Summit, Arabic".
In the meantime, Iraq's delegate to the League of qais Al-Azzawi Arabic 14 Arab leaders will participate in the Summit of Baghdad and said Al-Azzawi's press releases: that Iraq had received no apology from the Summit and was committed to the resolutions and decision of University Arabic Arab Foreign Ministers that froze the membership of Syria and that is without prejudice to the commitment agreed. that "there are no disagreements with the Kingdom of Bahrain will participate in the Summit.
Placeholder for block felt virtue Susan alsaad that Arabic Summit in Baghdad represents picture Chronicles for a democratic Iraq and experience rare in the region.
She said in a press statement: "Arabic in Baghdad Summit will address several important issues in the region and will not be as its predecessors because it will be managed by the State become a long experience of democracy", adding: "most Arabic countries will participate in the Summit and welcomed the holding in Iraq because of its significant impact on the region and meet at a high level of all States, especially after the Government sent many delegations for Arabic States."