Step back in order to enhance the transparency of the principle of "Where did you get this," head of the executive and legislative branches ...

Author: gazwan
Dated: 01/10/2016 Sunday 7:36

Today Iraq / Baghdad
It announced the Integrity Commission - and a few days ago, revealed a key executive and legislative branches for the financial Zmthma. The Authority, confirmed on its official website: "received two forms of financial disclosure to the Prime Minister - Haider al-Abadi and Chairman of the House of Representatives - Salim al-Jubouri, the first day of the official working hours for the year 2016, in addition to providing its president - Hassan al-Yassiri, disclosure of financial discharged the same day." , promised the body was what happened:
"Impetus and a catalyst for all covered disclose their financial interests, and the consecration of transparency and the principle of" Where did you get this? ". Asked and forcibly entered his brother body was worth recalling:" The material 20,19,18,17 of the Integrity Commission in force Law No. 30 of 2011, which included a bind senior officials in the state, to provide disclosure of their financial interests annually, promised to increase in money and funds spouses and children that are not commensurate with their resources, gain is illegal, as the Commission has committed to refer the matter of are attributed to a gain unlawful to an investigating judge, for they need to turn to prove the legality of the increase in their money, and punished by imprisonment and a fine equal to the value of the graft, or either of them, and the confiscation of graft .. that stayed behind to prove the legality of the sources of the increase that. "