Reconciliation conference under the auspices infallible Shiite facing rejection because the list of invitees and exorbitant bill

01/09/2016 22:40

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Detection of a coalition of state law, yesterday, the refusal of the Prime Minister and the National Alliance for the national reconciliation project revealed by the Presidency of the Republic recently.

The Prime Minister attributed the mass rejection to attempts to direct the call to the issues of terrorism convicts, former Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, in addition to trying to engage the Baath Party and some former army officers in the reconciliation conference.

The bill comes exorbitant Conference as another reason to reject the National Alliance and the Prime Minister, in light of the financial crisis that hit the country.

In this context, Parliament intends to set a new date to host the President of the Council of Ministers for discussion on the Turkish intervention, and the special operations carried out by US troops, as well as finding out about the reforms, which was launched last summer packages.

The prime minister retardation, last summer, twice to come to the House of Representatives who select dates for clarification about the reforms, as well as security files.

And apologized deputies close to Abadi then Buncgalh security files, as well as his attempt to miss the opportunity in front of his opponents in parliament, particularly the stream of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Among the Prime Minister confirm that the latter being regular meetings with the heads of the Republic and the parliament and the judiciary.

However, the State of Law coalition denies that the three presidencies meetings take place in coordination between the executive and legislative branches. And it confirms that they are focused on discussing the issue of national reconciliation, which recently put forward by the presidency.

The Presidency of the Republic revealed the formation of a "higher committee" for national reconciliation agreed to form three presidencies in recent her meetings that will provide a vision for the reconciliation invitation opposition to the government and the political process figures in preparation for the post-Daash.

MP says Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, told the (range), "The presidency wants to hold a national reconciliation conference attended by the political blocs and academic figures and tribal, local and foreign for Reconciliation and start a new page."

He said Jafar "among the names put forward by the Presidency of the Republic to attend the conference is Tareq al-Hashemi, former deputy president of the republic, and Reps former Adnan al-Dulaimi, and Nasser al-Janabi, as well as Abdul Samad Ghurery wing, who is in Qatar Baath party with a number of former officers".

And he saw a member of the state law that "the conference to take place in the case would open the way for the Baath Party to return to the political process, despite its prohibition in the Constitution." He pointed out that "the President of the House of Representatives supported Mtbuniat Presidency of the Republic in the implementation of the national reconciliation."

He MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar that "the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with the National Alliance stands deduced from these trends posed by the Presidency of the Republic is opposed to this conference because the Baath Party is prohibited constitutionally it has no place in the political process."

The attention of the leader of the Dawa Party, that "the current year's budget allocated $ 20 billion dinars for the national reconciliation project which is an extension to the proposals of the former vice president, Iyad Allawi." He is stressing that "al-Abadi expressed reservation invited to this conference personalities dedicated to his residence on the basis that we are in a financial crisis and the amounts."

The attention of the Turkmen deputy that "the opinion of Abadi and the National Alliance in reconciliation is focused on include the return of the displaced to their areas and bury the strife that may occur in the region or the same governorate after Daash", ruling out the establishment of a national reconciliation conference formats offered by the Presidency of the Republic.

MP Jassem Jaafar and asserts that "the three presidencies did not reach so far to a specific mechanism for the invitations and the conference agenda because the controversy is based on the characters you want to attend."

Jaafar and asserts that "the prime minister said in recent meetings of the rule of law his intention to come to the House of Representatives to explain some of the files and the Turkish Kaltdechl implemented reforms initiated last September, as well as military air operations and landings carried out by US special forces." Pointing out that "among the things that will put the prime minister in parliament, the subject of the salaries of employees and retirees and the Turkish intervention."

So says MP Imad John, House of Representatives decision in a statement to (range), "before more than a month has been collecting signatures fifty deputies from different blocks, presented to the presidency of the parliament; to demand hosted Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to clarify the implementation of reforms as well as to discuss military operations waged by the international coalition aircraft. "

John draws to "the existence of technical reasons have hampered the presence of al-Abadi to the House of Representatives, during the previous legislative term, as well as a preoccupation with Parliament passing the General Budget Law."

The detection of the decision the House of Representatives that "the legislative term will begin on 19 of January of this", and stressed that "the first session will be rescheduled to host Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss the Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory as well as the repercussions of the Saudi-Iranian crisis on Iraq and also the reforms launched by the In addition to the displaced and file appeals on the draft federal budget law. "

John pointed out that "the parliament is willing to listen in a detailed and accurate from the Prime Minister about the events and consequences experienced by Iraq during the past few months," noting that "demand site than fifty deputies are still valid has not been checked out."

Strongly denies the decision of the Presidium of Parliament that represent politically hosting targeted to the prime minister, but the desire of the House of Representatives for clarification on some of the issues that is shrouded in mystery, expecting to witness the coming days to set a date before the hosting of the Presidency of the Parliament.

And on whether bilateral and trilateral meetings attended by al-Abadi, especially those with convened by the Speaker of Parliament, has become a substitute for attending to the parliament, says MP Imad John "These meetings are not enough to clarify some of the circumstances."

"There are small blocks do not attend meetings of presidencies and also there are independent deputies need clarification from the Prime Minister directly."

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