Proposals to change the dollar auction policy and calls for obtaining the debt of mobile phone companies

The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary Nora member Albjara Friday, that the economic situation will be "the biggest challenge" during the current year, while unveiled proposals to change the central bank's policy of selling the dollar, raising its price against the dinar, called on the government to boost imports and obtaining debt from phone companies mobile.
She Albjara, he said in a statement seen by our economy news agency that "the economic crisis is the most difficult faced by Iraq in the current 2016", usually those that "the biggest security problem of the terrorist gangs Daash crisis."
She Albjara, that "the economists expect a decline another oil prices, which requires from the Iraqi government and the central bank to prepare and develop the necessary to face it solutions", noting that "the parliamentary Finance Committee submitted a set of proposals out of the difficult economic situation in 2016, of which change the central bank policy Iraqi special to sell the currency, increasing the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar temporarily until out of the current crisis. "