Abadi adviser: the financial crisis, the stifling of all oil countries and the need to discourage a national mitigation

: 2016/1/8

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister described the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Friday, the economic crisis faced by the country b {suffocating} stressing that most of the oil countries pass out because of falling oil prices, pointing to the need for concerted everyone and the contribution of the citizen to ease the severity of them paying the electricity fees and other.
He said Saleh told {Euphrates News} "The budget of 2016 is the Financial Action Task Force this year's guide, and figures in which rounded and Almuadr listed in developed will be realized in the future so the the control will be in future, financial distress can Hsrha pool resources of oil and borrowing within areas allowed by the budget, and expenditures are implemented according to priorities, including spending on the war against Daash, which is at the forefront of priorities linked to the lives of citizens. "
He noted that "the citizen will not be a victim of the financial crisis, but a crisis going on and everyone shared by all Iraqis, a severe circumstances, it must be considered in a comprehensive manner and to achieve the rights and obligations, stressing the difficulty of the financial management of the file."
He called on citizens to contribute to ease the financial crisis through the give and take in paying the electricity fees and other, stressing that the financial management need to discourage a national high contribution and understanding by the citizen.
He added that "The country is in a financial crisis and that everyone should contribute to the development of solutions and out of the economic crisis."
He noted that "Iraq uses external expertise from the World Bank, and uses any idea, but the issue is suffocating for all oil countries because of low oil prices."
The price of a barrel of oil continues to decline and reached about $ 33 less than what a referee in the state budget at $ 45 per barrel.
This sharp decline led to a considerable fears among Iraqis that the economic crisis will be suffocating them.
While a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi saw, in that what taken by Iraq of austerity measures and the reduction of salaries and external borrowing and maximize its resources would not benefit in solving the financial crisis unless the curb corruption and to stop the theft of money the world capital because all the money obtained from the measures mentioned vulnerable to theft .anthy 1