Deputy critical of the lack of central bank intervention in resolving the financial crisis Kurdistan

Friday January 8, 2016 19:02

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He criticized member of the economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib, Friday, non-interference by the Iraqi Central Bank in resolving the financial crisis experienced by the Kurdistan region.

She said Najib in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "the Iraqi Central Bank plays a large and important role in finding solutions and treatments to the financial crisis experienced by the Iraqi Federal Government through the launch of agricultural, industrial and real estate loans to citizens through sector banks, as well as the purchase of treasury bonds by the Ministry of to secure financial liquidity. "

She said Najib, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, that he "did not find central bank's role and the promotion of constitutional and legal responsibilities towards the citizens of the Kurdistan region who are suffering from the financial crisis experienced by the region, because it is a sovereign institution and reserves located in it is a reserve for all Iraqis without discrimination, and carrying out its responsibilities It will increase the prestige and independence and the confidence of Iraqi citizens do. "

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani stressed, in (November 30, 2015), that the region is going through a difficult financial crisis coincides with the presence of large numbers of displaced persons and refugees on its territory, calling for helping to improve the situation of the displaced.