Detection Adjust the biggest case of corruption accompanied the transfer of wheat stored in Salahuddin

2016-01-08 17:05:31 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Minister of Commerce revealed Agency Mohammed Xiaa Sudan, on Friday, the seizure of the "biggest case of corruption" in the transfer of wheat stored in Salah al-Din province to Baghdad and other provinces, while the Sudanese instructed the formation of an investigative committee to scrutinize the incident and to ensure that the crop of "spoilers and muggers."

The Commerce Department said in a statement that "The ministry had previously obtained the approval of the Prime Minister at the end of February 2015 on the transfer of wheat stored in Samarra and Baiji, Scientific and role complex as a security hot spots and replace the military presence to safe areas," noting that "the General Company for Grain Trade began its proceedings to transfer these quantities to silos and coronary Khan Dhari and session Rusafa and Khan Bani Saad and branches of Basra, Nasiriyah, Samawah. "

She said the ministry, said that "some traders and spoilers and others used this process the most heinous exploitation where the state is busy campaigning to address terrorism Daash," explaining that "these groups began the seizure of the movable quantities of wheat and marketed peasants names of Anbar and neighboring regions and used these gangs is supported It provides a cover by some, and used intimidation and pressure on the policy staff and granaries forced acknowledgment, although the quantities transported very clear that it is not examination of the 2015/2014 production season. "

The statement noted that "the company has contracted with civil companies to transport these quantities of stores silos hot and which is witnessing military confrontation to a number of safe areas in different parts of the country's regions," revealing at the same time that "the documented information about the existence of cases of corruption in the transfer of wheat to other stores and mind Khnth marketers. "

She ministry, that "the minister agency, instructed the formation of an investigative committee representing the Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Trade Control and National Security to scrutinize the information and the statement of the amounts that have been transferred to other stores in a number of areas", noting that "this committee began investigative their proceedings through access Oivadat on witnesses and matching records of receipt and delivery in those stores and directly under the supervision and follow-up of the minister personally to ensure the crop of spoilers and thieves and bring them to justice to ensure them as soon as retribution. "

It is noteworthy that Iraq has been included in the December 2013 among the most corrupt in the world ten countries as well as Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Syria, according to the corruption index of Transparency International for 2013.