Keywords for Mrbd: Basra received the 250 billion dinars in two batches

Detection Director of the Office of Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords, for the province of Basra received the $ 250 billion dinars, which recently sent by the federal government as part of the financial benefits to the province and delivered in two batches.
Keywords and said in a special statement to Mrbd, the central government put Basra among its priorities and concerns Ajtmatha given the difficult circumstances and bear the burden of supplying Iraq's economy the largest share of the oil.
He announced the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui at December 10 2015 Office of the province exchange amount that was announced Asthsalh recently by the prime minister, a financial grant of urgency to maintain the projects implemented since 2013 and below, according to the priority on providing financial advances requests by contractors mechanism.
Said Nasraoui during a press conference held in the office of the governorate building The debt owed by the federal government to the province of Basra this year amounting to 2 trillion and 850 billion, the local government received of which 267 billion, as well as the amount of 122 billion from the General Company of Iraqi Ports in addition to the latter amount stated, noting All these amounts are deducted from the owed funds from the federal government.