Anbar Council vote on the budget amounting to 73 billion dinars


Voice of the Council of Anbar province, on Wednesday, on the financial budget of the province for the current year 2016, amounting to 73 billion dinars. The amounts allocated them to support the displaced people and provide services to the liberated areas, it was revealed that a member of the Council in maintaining Bzmtha 45 billion dinars in debt owed since 2014.
He said provincial council member Anbar Rajah Barakat al-Issawi in an interview with the (long-Presse) that "Anbar voice Provincial Council, today (yesterday), the 2016 budget year, amounting to 73 billion dinars," noting that "the amounts of the budget allocated to support the displaced families and to provide services and reconstruction projects in the devastated areas that have been cleared of the organization (Daash) in Ramadi. "
Issawi said that "the government of Anbar indebtedness amounted to 45 billion in debt accumulated since last year and in 2014 for service projects and also the amounts spent to support displaced people inside and outside the Anbar will be repaid within the current year's budget."
Issawi stressed that "the need Anbar government and international support in order to ensure the reconstruction of the industrial and service projects in Anbar after the liberation of guerrilla organization (Daash) terrorist and provide food and humanitarian displaced families in camps and areas of displacement."