Abdul-Mahdi: Override the financial crisis lies in the country's large investment potential in various fields

2016/1/6 21:14

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Wednesday that "success in overcoming the financial crisis lies in the country's large investment potential in various fields."

He said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on "The decline in oil prices revealed the fragility of our economic system .. When we accepted rely entirely on oil, we us expose ourselves to serious risks, as is happening now .. This approach assumes responsibility rulers and the people both .. The work in the state, function and guarantees and privileges and retirement easier and more cost-effective than working the land and the plant and the company and the profession and the service is free. retreated everything for the sake of oil and public sector .. So when last fall, too, as it gets now, the pessimism and frustration will prevail .. Vkther speech today that the country may face bankruptcy !! and that the state will not be able to pay employees' salaries and other categories reflect the dimensions of the crisis, but it does not reflect the reality of the country and its possibilities, and owned assets and opportunities -ola allow Hk- to overcome the crisis and out of it. "

He continued, "says Churchill," Success is the traffic of failure to another without losing enthusiasm {success} ".. but that the country is able Shall best management Alazmh- to turn it into a movement of radical reforms to end unilateral economy, and restore the state and society role and strength .. State strong derives its strength from the power of the community and its activities and not Mstqoah state on society, a monopoly of his rights.

"The success lies today in the investment of the country's great potential in various fields, which sees foreign, unfortunately, and we do not see them .. and that does not prevent the invested only what petrified the minds of the legislation and practices and instructions and controls, is the product of the control of the rentier state monopoly closed. We like "appeal for help Balramada of fire," as the saying goes .. The country today need to Spiritual success and not failure .. and the starting and not braking .. and behaviors of encouragement, motivation and grant opportunities and the launch of the tracks and open the doors. "

He explained," While we sink more and more in the moods of despair and loss and loss initiative, and behaviors of prevention and punishment and the closure of tracks and murder attempts, clinging more and more legislation and laws and regulations and instructions and concepts of eating and drinking by age, belong to the concepts of the rentier state that is the secret of this crisis and other crises. These restrictions and delays became a reference point for contraband and contexts of work and thinking, a way of follow-up and accountability .. It has become one of the means of extortion and spreading fear and hesitation and do not bear responsibilities. Natural Errors and unjustified inherent in any work turn to crime and punishment .. but became some tried appropriate interpretations to the circumstances of time and place, Vthakm in other circumstance on the other platforms, but try sometimes without the knowledge, experience and professional .. which disrupts business .. and makes non-diligence and to address and take responsibility shelter mentality prevailed in the country over the past decades, and deepened today because of this mess in the contexts and references and abuses, without having to realize that this is corruption the greatest, biggest and disruption and crisis, the most serious. "

He concluded by saying that" all this is encouraging that most of the political forces and many officials are putting in Aulyathm Site requirements over the reform requirements, and gain the public before earning positions and the success of the plans that serve the public interest .. and Oselthm, often, the procedures authoritarian and methods of threat and punishment that has grown in the womb of the state for decades, before the correct procedures and positive incentive policies and constructive, preventive and Alaklaiah and libertarian that allow the country to take off serious and courageous and move about the prospects for the future. And prefer speech simplified naive that people are accustomed to hear that tickles the emotions of time, at the expense of speech difficulties and tasks and the complexities and risks of long and solutions established policies established and sustainable .. this is given for Napoleon as saying: "The aim of political elections, and the goal of the leaders of reform." And the other says "The aim of the present political leaders and the goal of generations" .anthy