Deputy for the rule of law describes the budget in 2016 "paper" and is likely to stop the employees' salaries after June

Author: HH, TT
Editor: the AT, HH

2016/01/06 16:26

Long-Presse / Karbala
Description deputy for the coalition of state law, Riad Ghraib, on Wednesday, the financial budget for the year 2016 as "paper can not be implemented on the ground," and revealed that "the deficit salaries of state employees will be at 12 trillion dollars," The most likely non-payment of salaries after the middle of this year in 2016, he called for citizens to "live a state of austerity and saving money."

The MP said Riad Ghraib in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The financial budget for 2016 voted on by the House of Representatives as a paper and not realistic and can not be implemented, as the price of oil has adopted a $ 45 less than that now."

The strange, that "this year's revenues of up to about 40 trillion dollars, although only salaries of state employees need to be 52 trillion dollars, and will Gr budget only in the field of salaries is 12 trillion dollars," likely that "may not be possible to pay the employees' salaries after mid-year current, because of Iraq's dependence on oil as income Mali, a single and a continued decline to prices. "

He noted strange, that "borrowing from the banks and the Iraqi reserves to provide the employees' salaries one of the solutions that can be adopted to ease the financial crisis in the country," stressing that "the government is active industrial and agricultural sectors and fulfillment taxes and fees accurately as well as the fight against financial and administrative corruption to be able to provide Other income for the country's budget. "

He called for the rule of law, that the Iraqi citizens to "live case austerity and saving money and leave the big spending in their daily lives."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, approved by an absolute majority, during its meeting of the 45th of the first legislative term of the second legislative year, which was held, in the (16 December 2015), headed by its President Saleem al-Jubouri and the presence of 242 deputies, in the next 20126 budget by 105 trillion and 800 billion dinars, the share of the Kurdistan region of which 17 percent, despite the claim of a coalition of law reduced to 13 percent.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers approved, in (18 October 2015), the financial budget for the coming year 2016, B113 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of 30 trillion dinars.