Zebari vows employees' salaries to cope with the oil crisis

Zebari vows employees 'salaries to cope with the oil crisis on the way popular proverb toddler (Orawiyeh death even accept Balskhounh), the Minister of Finance came out (of Iraq) Hoshyar Zebari yesterday on TV screens to announce the lack of government distributed starting from the month of employees' salaries next April in the event of continued decline in oil prices, and said it is possible to resort to other options to avoid that but it will be a severe impact also, also he said that this is a reality and people must know, we may be exposed to the problem in April and may not be able to staff the distribution of salaries for that month, and he added there are seven million people are paid salaries of Iraq's total population of 36 million, noting that the total is distributed from the salaries of month of four billion dollars, and that the procedures to be followed if the continued decline in oil prices are borrowing from international institutions, few benefits and option the other is to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, and although it choose the risk and could have repercussions, but we thought of not granting full salaries and to keep some of our loans and give a document that we will give money when what is available to us, Zebari said that the options used sale Oil and receipt of the money in advance, in addition to raising the price of water, electricity and fuel service option but it is not easy, any government applied be subject to the reactions of citizens, stressing that economic decisions painful, but it is said that any economic decision, if not painful, it is not a decision.
It simply stated the Minister of Finance is true, but it is not new because it is the subject of circulating months ago I wrote about many of the articles, but the new topic that Ma'aleh come out in the media, vowing to these procedures are confusing economic and social conditions and displays the General function of the risk and the families of staff of great concern, not We find it very appropriate to be asking these difficult choices which have not yet been discussed in the Council of Ministers did not make decisions after, it is the duties of the minister (a minister) Showing decisions that are taken in the Council of Ministers in terms of implementation and target segments and view the available options to ease the burden of mechanisms citizens and not vice versa, either pre-empt things and exposing the market to what may have dire consequences are things that are not desirable in the state (institutions), for example, that the change of exchange rates hint will increase the demand for the dollar and the imbalance between demand and supply, Reducing the Iraqi dinar exchange lead prices to rising commodity and service prices in the markets and affected the larger are the poor, who make up 40% of the total population currently, and that such statements provide the opportunity for interns and warmongers and Almtshehadan water turbidity Baltshehad in these circumstances in order to increase their haraam wealth Haram, noting that the Council of Ministers had previously form Cell financial crisis on the face of these things did not issue them something about the suffering of the country of lower revenues and solutions.
We expect the vast majority of our people that the Government to contain the financial crisis in the oil-exporting countries after the sharp decline of oil prices, including Iraq, and the reason for this Optimism that our government has been delegated by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and the people to take a package of reforms, has packages announced from these reforms as Mr. Abadi has taken important steps to revitalize the industrial and agricultural sectors and housing for through the allocation of 5 trillion dinars from the treasury transfers or borrowing from local banks, as and promised the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq to conduct a series of contacts and consultations to make cash from home and abroad, it has been to rely on the relationship (positive) with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions that have not done nothing but lend Iraq
$ 1.2 billion unknown terms , was ever-advisers to get out on the satellite channels as they profess to take action to confront the crisis and minimize the effects, especially on the staff, many considered the employees' salaries and the standard of living of the poor is a red line that can not be bypassed and some said that the compulsory savings on staff who stated in the Budget Law for the year 2015 have not been resorted to for not having him at the present time, but the night and overnight we come out and the Minister of Finance to use all weapons, including non-payment of salaries to employees of the month of next April because the number 7 million and the number was not known before.
We ask (only) Do befitting a sovereign and the Constitution and one of the Rich countries wealth to announce the inability to pay salaries? , We say before you answer the third party, is not worthy of us as a people to be our state is unable to pay salaries to employees and the financial crisis is not a surprise I have ever been out more than a year, taking into account that the State President of the Republic employees and the Prime Minister employees and all the sequences in the Iraqi state employees and they have a payable salaries and defective non-payment, and the salaries of the staff are not for the well-being but to meet the requirements of life for most Iraqis, because in each house officer at least and that the non-payment of salaries means economic life completely stopped, and point out in this regard that many segments of our people a feeling that their salaries are threatened stop will make them under pressure because the case related to direct their livelihood, falling under pressure some of them might lead to take the reactions is calculated at a time when we need to kind of security and discipline to complete the liberation of the occupied territories after achieving recent victories with the blood of the martyrs and the efforts of heroes, and in the opinion of experts and specialists, there solutions to address the current financial our crises through economic measures can be formulated by specialists and that are not based in the orbit of the oil, but to activate the wealth, sale of oil deferred and external borrowing and some raises of non-informed and consent of the people brings us to what happened with the country in the oil licensing rounds, and all what to work on it is an investment of time and lack of opportunities and wasted verb never more rewarding than statements.