Labour aid is distributed among the displaced in Waziriya complex

Date: Tuesday 01/05/2016 16:41

Follow-up / Iraq today
And distributed the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in-kind assistance to the displaced families in the care of the Department of Special Needs Waziriya complex. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem: "The Human Rights Division in the care of people with special needs and in cooperation with the Organization Department (We help), consisting of students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Baghdad has distributed aid among displaced families in the Waziriya complex, which includes 27 family" .
"The ministry and distributed to the families aid included five sewing machines and four Skirts gas, noting that this initiative is the embodiment of the principles of humanity in extending a helping hand to the displaced families and the displaced and to reduce their suffering and help them integrate into society." Menem said that "within the ministry and directed the state is seeking to meet the simple needs of the displaced families and assist them in providing the supplies they need in sewing clothes and provide bread and enable them to finance some of their projects." And "that the ministry and through the programs offered by the poor and vulnerable groups in society the inclusion of displaced persons who controls apply to them social protection and give them soft loans to implement their own projects, as well as the introduction of wishing them in training courses qualify them to engage in the labor market."