Agriculture: the fight against the jungles of wheat being will be a great economic rewards

Ministry of Agriculture announced that the ministry will fight for the first time since the jungles of the high wheat contracts and broadleaf this year, hoping that it will be a great economic rewards. Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Mehdi ligature Qaisi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "The ministry put all its weight and its utmost to ensure the success of future plans drawn up by the development of the agricultural sector in Iraq, and achieve self-sufficiency in production and food security of the citizen. Stressing "The identity of Iraq will remain agricultural and that the ministry is concerned with the development of the agricultural sector in the
country." The ministry is currently focusing on strategic crops such as wheat through three projects are modern irrigation and made ​​available to farmers techniques by supporting 50% of the pre-agricultural initiative and securing water and increase production and use Liquid fertilization technique, adding that "to continue in the national national program for the propagation of the upper seeds ranks and the development of new varieties resistant to salinity, drought, insects and achieve an increase in productivity, pointing out that" the ministry has succeeded in achieving 80% of the ration card needs of wheat.
He said the agent that " the provision of fertilizer and urea dab Madaoman to farmers to reduce the burden on their shoulders, and increase the dose of fertilizer given to them. In addition to increasing yield per dunum of yellow corn that go into animal feed and poultry.
He explained that the ministry has achieved great success in a number of projects, including floating cages technique instead of dirt Lakes, providing water and experienced a significant increase in the production of Iraqi fish, and a program for artificial insemination of cows which gives free, and raising sheep Awassi and goats Shami and distribution rams to educators free of charge and at subsidized prices to increase Twins and productivity in general, and the anti-insect Dubas on the palm, which has been successful in eradicating this scourge and dramatically, and improve the quality and productivity of palm Altamo.