An invitation to enhance the ability to cope with economic crisis 1/4
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Thread: An invitation to enhance the ability to cope with economic crisis 1/4

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    An invitation to enhance the ability to cope with economic crisis 1/4

    An invitation to enhance the ability to cope with economic crisis

    1/5/2016 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
    Moving a number of economists read about economic variables during 2016 and expectations that may occur, economic (morning), for its part directed Sala specific economic conditions on the reform of the requirements and the possibility of implementation of the objectives and programs for sustainable development.

    Crisis Response

    In this regard, he said the international economic expert Afif Rayes: The logic of fact, calls for strengthening the capacity to cope with the economic crisis by Baghdad forum and this is what hard the government is working to implement it through the expansion of supporting the private sector and the development of institutions and his participation in the decision-making that would sectors of the economy development that contribute to the activation of production and services and the best indicator of the adoption of many of the financial sector experts in the main task committees.

    He stressed the need for the promotion of economic journalism business open, inclusive and transparent government, stressing the need to implement the rule of law to Taraz combat corruption and create a culture of integrity because of its active role in perpetuating the culture of communication and support for successful action.

    Accounting rules

    Rais called for the importance of updating financial management procedures and implementation of laws and accounting rules and punish corrupt strongly packages also stressed the need for the adoption of financial control and reporting to ensure the safety implementation Projects.

    He stressed the need for active participation of citizens in economic policy-making through strengthening capacity in the field of local government and to support and organize the necessary resources and skills at all levels of government support Decentralization.

    The principles of partnership

    He called for the effective participation of women in economic and public life as well as the promotion of economic opportunities for young men and women through leadership programs, business and promote the principles of partnership between the public and private sectors, which will have the effect actor in the economic development process sought by Iraq to stage Next.

    The economic file management

    He called the importance of working to adopt a clear and real mechanisms of action in the economic file management and thus contributing to reduce the effects of the economic shocks that might be exposed to the domestic economy, pointing out that 2016 may hold surprises detente if properly implement economic reforms packages.
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