Prime Minister fires senior officals over Haditha attacks
07/03/2012 20:37
EBRIL, March 7 (AKnews) - The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has fired two senior security officials after the Haditha militant attacks, which left 27 police officers dead.

Insurgents, disguised in SWAT uniforms, began their attack on SWAT Haditha police headquarters and checkpoints at 2am on Monday, killing 27 officers - including a police chief - and injuring at least 5 more.

The provincial police chief, Major General Hadi Razij, and the army's head of the operation center in Anbar, Lieutenant General Abdul-Aziz al-Ubaidi, have both been dismissed, as reported by the Beirut-based Daily Star.

"The provincial council had a meeting in which they raised a recommendation to [Maliki] to fire the Anbar police chief after the Haditha incident and other security breaches that happened before. The prime minister has approved the dismissal," Mulla said yesterday.

However, the police chief, Major General Hadi Razij, would remain in his position until a suitable replacement is found.

Anbar Provincial Council decided to sack the commander of Anbar operations, Abdul-Aziz al-Obeidi, and appoint Tariq al-Azzawi as a substitute during an emergency meeting on Monday.