Parliament urgency in issuing reduce the number of members of boards and bodies Law

1/4/2016 7:42
Tariq Harb
legal expert
A member of the parliamentary regions statement on 01.02.2016, about reducing the number of members of the provincial councils and, if subject to nourish and support and the support, it requires parliament to move quickly, to the enactment of this Act, and before all the controversial laws currently displayed,
As long as the subject outside the purview of Parliament, and does not require a bill from the government, to the lack of financial bush where .. any free from any financial obligation on the budget, being included in the reforms that Parliament should take the door, because it is a form of the elimination of Career inflation, unemployment, underemployment, and spend the money without interest, especially if the grades covered Baltkulais, includes a large number of members of the provincial councils, and because the privileges of members of the provincial councils, a great many of the salaries and allowances and protections and cars, but the main thing I have to warn him that this law , is not limited to members of the provincial council only, but includes members of the Judicial Council, and members of the Council mentioned in Article III of the Provincial Law No. 21 of the year 2008, so as to reduce the number of members of the provincial council and the Council of the judiciary to half or less of it, and so that leads to that the number of members, less populous provinces, which are the province of Muthanna to ten members, instead of 27 members, and the number of members of the Baghdad Provincial Council, as the most populous province (30) members and no more than 60 members, as it is the case now, and that this does not stop the reduction at the provincial, district and provincial councils, but also includes independent bodies and non-independent, which includes, for example, the Electoral Commission and the Human Rights Commission and the media and communications and the Martyrs Foundation and the Foundation of political prisoners, and the Council of the Public Service of boards and bodies, referred to by the Constitution, and other councils and bodies not mentioned in the Constitution as a network Iraqi media and scientific complex Iraqi, and only that of boards and bodies that boards of directors includes a number of members, as this will reduce to significant financial savings of the general budget, not to mention that it will not affect the work of those bodies and councils , there is, for example, affect, that the number of members of the Electoral Commission, the Office of Human Rights and the Iraqi Media Network, five instead of nine .. number of current members, as if this falls within the jurisdiction of Parliament, to the lack of financial commitment, but Parliament did not take the initiative to submit a proposal Law and legislation in this regard, for the Council of Ministers to take the initiative for that, as long as it enters the reforms door, and achieve financial savings equal to the surplus funds, after the issuance of such a law, and the Parliament of urgency to legislate this law, and in the first session, after the parliamentary recess, which ends on (18/1), and before the controversial laws currently displayed in front of him