Oil jumps 4% in the first 2016 sessions support Twitter Middle East and America stocks drop

January 4 January (Reuters) - Crude oil prices jumped on Monday by about four percent in the first trading session of 2016 due to tensions in the Middle East and the data indicate a decline in stockpiles delivery US crude futures in Cushing, Oklahoma depot.

At 1450 GMT, the global price of Brent crude jumped Brent of $ 1.60 or 4.3 percent to $ 38.88 a barrel after record the highest level in about three weeks to $ 38.93 a barrel earlier.

And crude oil futures rose US West Texas Intermediate 1.25 dollars or 3.3 percent to $ 38.29 a barrel.

Cut Arabia, the largest exporter of crude oil in the world diplomatic relations with Iran on Alorahd in response to the storming of its embassy in Tehran after the execution of Riyadh for a prominent Shiite cleric on Saturday.

With regard to US stocks, traders said the market estimates of the company Zhinskab information show a drop of more than 220 thousand barrels in stocks in Cushing in the week which ended on 29 December.

(Mustafa Saleh preparation for the Bulletin Arabic - Edit Abdel Moneim Dirar)