Industry: Depends real policy for the marketing of our products

January 3, 2016 9:00

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Saturday, it has 31 affiliated public company, indicating that it will adopt the policy of fact for the marketing of the products of these companies in the near future.

The ministry's spokesman, Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said that "the Council of Ministers' decision to integrate the Ministry of Industry and Minerals was good and right decision came from the study of four-year", adding that "at the present time has become total and the Ministry of Industry companies 31 companies and the specialized companies in all fields food and rubber, automotive and technical industries, electronics, electrical, oil, leather and other ".

Shammari said, that "our companies has huge financial and human resources and equipment is very large," pointing out that "the ministry will adopt in the near future on a political fact for the purpose of marketing the products of these companies."

He pointed out, that "The ministry has specialized committees to upgrade contracts with existing ministries that we have a deal with a special ministry of defense, interior, electricity, as well as the Municipality of Baghdad," adding that "move the ministry in this direction would be a concrete and realistic move to obtain contracts from these ministries."

Shammari stressed that "the Ministry of Industry and Minerals require ministries contracted by that committees that want to contract with industry is to be specialized committees," noting that "it would make the contract is going walking, easy and carries the product required technical specifications."