Agriculture for raising carp in cages to avoid recessions in the marshes
January 1, 2016


The Ministry of Agriculture revealed to fish "carp" in floating cages to the decline in water bodies and marshes as a result of the limited water resources.

The proxy said in Ministry Mahdi dhamad Al-Qaisi told obtained by agency "economy we face the problem of the decline of fish farming in inland water", but "but instead created a Ministry of agriculture technique of fish farming in cages floating in the river."

"In this way was the rearing of fish [carp] favorite Iraqi table cheapness and increased weight and fast growth compared with riverine fish", stating, "today we have an increase in the number of cages that educated fish supervision and follow-up of the Ministry of agriculture.

Al-Qaisi said "this dense breeding them economically more than education in the dirt," Lakes "cannot say that fish have receded in cages but are expanding, but education in natural bodies of water and Marsh faces the problem of low income".