Directing .. simplify the granting of loans for job seekers measures

BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese simplify the granting of loans for job seekers through the development of new mechanisms boil down time measures, in line with the reforms adopted by the State of Iraq to allow the beneficiary to obtain the loan as soon as possible methodology.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem in a written statement received / JD / copy of it: that the ministry and based on the directives of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in the completion of transactions and achieve the reforms adopted by the government to serve the citizen campaign, decided to define roles for the completion of borrowers transactions during a given period, pointing out that according the new plan to work with the transaction from the beginning of submission until the organization of exchange of the loan amount in five steps.
He added that the period of completion of the transaction takes about 50 days maximum, and take every step of the transaction completion of a full week, while the treatment of the borrower remain after completion and the organization of exchange bonds and the preparation of instruments by accounts a period not exceeding two weeks in the department or the port.
and between Menem said the ministry handled choke points to a new action plan to achieve speed in the completion of transactions, including matters relating to the health of the issuance of sponsor borrower through the creation of more than 20 accredited instead of two distributing between ministries to accomplish the task of release, and the intersection of the borrower data and control the flow of transactions through networking between relevant departments completion of borrowers transactions, as well as linking with the Departments of social protection for women and men to ensure the safety of the borrower's position, and overcome the on-site disclosure requirement for the completion of the completion of the beneficiary transactions and replaced snapped a pledge from sponsor The borrower's legal department to reduce the preparation of the commitments offered by the borrower which, noting that the processors carried out by the Ministry to simplify procedures also develop follow-up import premiums Division handles pointing repayments of borrowers after the receipt of the instrument of accounts, as well as assigning owners loans when get any momentum or suffocation rescued him an angel Akbar when needed.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs until 10.22.2015 granted (15991) borrowers received a single payment and (10394) borrowers received two payments within the lending fund programs are (support income-generating projects fund, and program CBR).