Tariq Harb: Legal kitchen of the parliament was modest for the laws enacted by Parliament

12/30/2015 9:04
Follow-up / Iraq today
Confirmed the legal expert Tareq Harb "The legal Kitchen of the parliament was modest for the laws enacted by Parliament this year, compared, for example, laws that ushered the first legislature, the National Assembly and its legislative mandate which lasted for a little more than four months,
Where the difference is clear between the number of laws and the laws topics for what happened in 2005, the National Assembly, and in 2015 the House of Representatives. "He said the war" but that does not deny that the House was in 2015, beating the year 2010 the Parliament, so we find that the number of laws enacted by the 2014 Parliament M so far, far superior to the number of laws enacted by Parliament in 2010, but nevertheless it has been Activity current parliament modest and issued many our laws and these laws, for example, bills for the budget firstly for the year 2015 and the second to balance in 2016 and the law of Iraqi Academy of Sciences and the law of private health institutions and the law The new inclusion and passport law and the law of contract and the law of treaties, political parties, labor law and the law of money laundering. He noted war regarding this law by saying "This is the last law remains the most important and greatest in a series of laws legislated by Parliament in 2015, from where it contains provisions clamping down on money laundering and follow the example of international money laundering verdicts," noting, "The political parties law it though legally Whatever but its importance faded in front of the negatives in it such as allocating funds for parties, and passport to be chairman of the party aged just 18 years and not to require a certain number meets the reputation of the party in terms of number of members, as well as witnessed in 2015 a law modifying the sanctions Internal Security Forces Act and the Act to amend the mass graves law and the law Amendments to the General Service Board and the Act to amend the judicial fees as well as experienced this year the ratification of the Jordanian-Iraqi agreement and the law of ratification health safety Convention on the Law As for the cultural reality of the legal majority Alatarih and communications have deserted to the colleges and universities of the new or troubleshooting formats for Atarih legal and messages. " He said the war "is not even found the things of a man and freedoms and violence against women's rights and only that of civil society issues, democracy is still a window significantly despite the fact that most of them represent over again to the above during the past 13 years after the change in 9/4/2003, as well as the cultural face legal was not clear and influential heavily on the legal books that have been authored and printed in 2015, ie no new legal in the literature and books issued in shake the reader, particularly of specialists in law as well as the lack of legal face in lectures and seminars and meetings cultural councils Baghdad and other cultural groups, especially on Friday in Mutanabi Street except the few that we could provide. The continued legal ignorance is obvious to many of the graduates of the Department of Law and this general phenomenon for all graduates of colleges and institutes in these years. We hope and wish and call should be the next year in 2016 legal year right and truth and not as the year 2015 and the number of previous years. "