2015/12/30 (00:23 pm) - hits: 128 - number (3536)

Basra demanding the Government bonds for projects

2015/12/30 (00:23 pm) - hits: 128 - number (3536)

Basra/peace khazal

Basra Governorate Council, demanded on Tuesday the Federal Government by giving securities of funds amounting to $ 10 billion, among these bonds as collateral will attract global companies to implement projects in the province.

The head of the Basra Governorate Council Franck told the morning (range), "Basra want bonds from the Federal Government in order to attract international companies to work in conservative government guarantees."

Franck said that "in Basra, the Federal Government owes nearly $ 10 billion accumulated from previous budgets, and this is a debt to the Government, we hope to give it to the Mayor, even if in the form of bonds.

Franck noted that "the Mayor is keen on keeping some money to some projects, and plans to implement many projects through loans and term of payment.
Provincial Council Chief reiterated "if those funds were given Basra, it could attract large global companies to implement projects in the province.

Basra Governorate Council was called in (21 December 2015) Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, granting "exceptions" to implement projects with payment term, described the financial budget law for next year 2016 "defective", counting that Basra first non law enforcement being financed 90 percent of the budget.