Specialist Global: OPEC is no longer dominated by the U.S. oil sector


said billionaire chosen Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee in the U.S. presidential election to advise him in the field of energy that the dominance of OPEC on the oil sector, the U.S. is about to expire.
has previously accused the Harold Hamm Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries as a "sink" the oil industry the U.S. . but with the development of techniques such as horizontal drilling, which led to discoveries of new oil is growing oil production, the U.S. for the first time in many years. He said an important man the oil industry coming from Oklahoma, "There is the movement of revival now. If not, unimpeded can achieve self-sufficiency in energy." and occupies an important 33rd among the most wealthy Americans, according to Forbes, chief executive of Continental Resources and stands in contrast to energy team, which refers to U.S. President Barack Obama, who is doing his best to push alternative energy to the fore. Ham said "Every time I make the United States in the manufacture of oil, as happened in the eighties raise OPEC production and Ngrguena as prices fall below the point where we can afford and get out of the competition. "he said," They can not do that anymore, "adding that the spare capacity of OPEC countries back down and they are looking for new markets." I will not OPEC, including succulent implement it locally. will be necessary and will need their oil, China, India and other countries.