Zebari: edit Mosul need for the participation of the Peshmerga and the crowd


BAGHDAD / Reuters

Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that the Iraqi army will need to assist Kurdish fighters to retrieve Mosul, the largest organization under the control of Daash cities, and explained that is expected to be a planned attack very difficult.

The government announced that the connector, which is located at a distance of 400 kilometers to the north of Baghdad, is the next target of the Iraqi armed forces after the restoration of the city of Ramadi in the west of the country.
Zebari said in an interview with Reuters in Baghdad Monday, that "Mosul need good planning and preparations and the commitment of all the major parties."
In reference to the Peshmerga forces, Zebari said that "Peshmerga major force you can restore the connector without it does not."
The city population was about two million people, mostly from the year before it fell into the hands of its fighters in June of last year in the first phase of the invasion of regulation of the northern and western Iraq.
Zebari said that the battle of Mosul will be "very, very difficult." "It will not be an easy process has remained overwhelmed themselves for a while, but possible." He added that the military may need to hire a local Sunni forces in helping roles and perhaps Shiite crowd the popular forces in the light of the region that need to be secured during the attack on the Mosul area.
And the forces of the popular crowd coalition of armed Shiite factions backed by Iran. People crowd forces have been prevented from participating in the ongoing battle since the week to restore the city of Ramadi in order to avoid tension with the Sunni population.
The Iraqi army to recover the city of Ramadi, the first big success was that its soldiers had fled from their positions in front of progress Daash militants 18 months ago.
The Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi on Monday Daash will be defeated in 2016 with the army's intention to move to restore Mosul.
He said in a speech hailed the "victory" achieved by the army in Ramadi and Mosul, he said that liberalization would be the final blow and the last of the organization.
Zebari said that the restoration of Mosul will represent the end of the Caliphate State declared by the organization in the territory which has become under his control in Syria and Iraq.
And discussed the President of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani plans for the Liberation of Mosul with Lt. Gen. Tom Beckett, the British defense adviser in September, According to the Kurdish Rudaw TV.