Iraqi government pledges to recapture Mosul previous Ounha

Twilight News / Iraq vowed after that was able to retrieve the gray area of ​​militants Daash the liberalization of the various regions, dominated by the Daash is the most important area of ​​Mosul confirmed that 2016 will be a source of horror in the hearts of the extremists penalty they have done during previous periods.
British Telegraph indicated that the Iraqi forces are able to achieve a victory over the militants Daash organizing and raising the Iraqi flag on the Iraqi government compound in Ramadi after a long period of conflict between them and the Daash.
The victory of the Iraqi forces and enable them to recover with the help of the Iraqi gray Alomrakh and British air strikes along one of the most important Alanteksat faced by this organization next to the militants successive strikes against in Syria.
French Foreign Minister Philip Hammond noted that Iraqi forces have played an active and important role in the Ramadi area, noting that the loss of gray hands Daash very big loss for them.
He pledged Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi liberation of Iraq fully and that 2016 will see the overthrow of Baghdad Bdaash are all stressing that the Iraqi government will not compromise on liberalization of Mosul, which will serve as the final blow to Daash he said.
In spite of what the President of the Iraqi parliament Saleem al-Jubouri said that Ramadi is the first steps to edit all regions located north-west of Iraq, but many analysts believe that this talk is premature.
The Telegraph quoted the reported visions of many security analysts in Iraq to Mosul, Ramadi, where loggerheads for that planning to recover it from the hands of extremists will require many troops and weapons and fighting even more of gray.
One Iraqi analysts said that with different status of Mosul whether to Daash or Iraqi forces, so it will make both sides do their best to win, which you should think about when the Iraqi forces well with reference to the dream of redemption Mosul is difficult to be achieved by 2016, however some representatives of the Iraqi authority believed According to him.
According to the newspaper, the Iraqi army in need of full strength and abilities of military special redemption after 18 months under the fights to reclaim Ramadi, Mosul will try to recover the harder ones.
On the other hand, a resident of Ramadi said that one of the militants Daash may face apology to the population for what he described as Badtriham to abandon them before their departure for the town, adding that the population of gray on the roofs of their homes waved white flags after the departure of Daash and army officers have been waiting for.
She drew Telegraph wondered one analyst in the United States to express his opinion about what happened Vnoh that the Iraqi army believes that the United States did not help them significantly and positively, while US forces believes that the Iraqi forces do not have a strong enough position to be able to achieve victory alone without Help America.
But the fact that it is difficult overlooked that Iraqi forces now and after the battles fought by the need for training and rehabilitation so it would be difficult to edit Mosul now in any way he says.