Daash tunnels sour "Edit" gray and officials are demanding "clean up" the eastern regions

2015-12-29 22:59:01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Demonstrate the joint forces in Ramadi, after the liberation of the city Monday, careful and clear network of tunnels used by Daash to navigate through the control of the city that lasted for 7 months.

Tunnels may carry some of the surprises of the security forces, according to local officials, who had expected to take purge the liberated areas in the gray period of about two months because of the density of packages and car bombs planted by the organization.

On the other hand we will have to leave the city after the military cleared the custody of the local police and tribal fighters. While officials calls for increasing the number of volunteers in the city to secure the perimeter, which still exists in the Daash.

He said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi after the Emancipation Proclamation gray "If the 2015 general editing, it will be in 2016 in the final victory.

And entered the joint forces, on Monday, the government complex central Ramadi after weeks of being besieged, and raised the Iraqi flag over the building.

Beware of tunnels Daash

He says Trmoz of Staff, a member of the Anbar province, "We need two months to cleanse the western gray areas and the city center from the rubble and explosives."

Experts confirm organization Fajkh all alleys and buildings in the city, and called for caution from entering the buildings even civilian ones fearing Tfajakhha.

He Trmoz, in an interview with the (range), "The joint forces put all the accounts of an emergency or surprises Daash may be left for the last phase."

The combined forces over the past week made very cautiously towards government buildings in the center of Ramadi, in anticipation of the presence of highly explosive blast.

The local administrator confirms that "caution remains of tunnels dug under the regulation gray to navigate, has used suicide bombers to surprise the Iraqi forces."

The Daash dug many tunnels that link between government buildings and homes. The head of the anti-terrorism device Ghani al-Asadi stressed, before releasing the gray, difficult to predict the number of insurgents in the city due to the movement through the tunnels.

A local official estimated the ratio of mass city by about 80%, indicating damage to sewage and water networks, and most of the government and civil buildings, stressing that bridge and only one is still valid for use.

Parents surrender Aldoaash

Trmoz corners and reveals a rare event for coordination between the army and the people of Ramadi, "given the size of the harm suffered by the people of the city."

Trmoz pointed out that "cooperation has led to the detection of a number of bomb sites and some of the gunmen barricaded remaining in the city, including the finance minister Daash".

The military announced the media cell, on Tuesday, the arrest of the so-called financial Minister "Daash" according to the communication received by the security forces of the people of Ramadi. She added that the cell "arrested a desired undercover among citizens and trying to escape after the refraction of the terrorist organization".

The task of keeping the land

Daash still has influence in the eastern gray areas, which could be used by the organization springboard to attack the liberated areas again.

He says Ghanem Aifan, a member of the crisis committee in Anbar province, said the "joint forces to fight Stnchgl Daash in the rest of the cities of Anbar, the local police will remain and clans to protect the gray."

It notes Aifan, through contact with the (range), to "the survival of the seriousness of the militants in the areas of Sufism and Alsjarih and Joabh, east of Ramadi," calling on the government to "increase the number of local forces of the people of Ramadi fear the infiltration of militants into the city."

The government has increased in Baghdad, recently, the number of the sons of the tribes within the popular crowd in Ramadi for more than five thousand members.

For his part, confirms Amal Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar Provincial Council (range) "The police turned the individuals working in the centers to emergency regiments."

The Anbar police chief Hadi Rseg had begun months before police conversion totals fighter. But Fahdawi says "in Ramadi, there were nine thousand police, and after falling in May did not stay is four thousand."

The provincial council is seeking to persuade the Ministry of Interior to accept the number of drop-outs from the police after the fall of gray.

He says a member of the Board of the province of Anbar "The police left the city after the elite and the military forces withdrew, and their families across the busy deliver Bzabz to Baghdad to Arbil, after militants occupying their homes."

And the dawn of "Daash" early in his control over the gray houses dozens of officers and employees of the Ramadi police east of the city.

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