Gray will return free


The fight against terrorism and 11 military formations made victory

International althalv: Restoration of gray is a proud moment for Iraqis

ashair Anbar: look for peace and will not allow the return of Aldoaash

Iraqi troops entered, yesterday, the center of Ramadi government compound after weeks of being besieged. Local authorities estimated the proportion of mass in the city by about 80% as a result of battles that lasted for more than two months.
Daash before dawn and withdrew most of the government buildings and homes belonging to the families, while there is no longer any valid bridge to work in the city.
And in the hope that the municipality and service departments begin to lift the rubble and gradually bring life to the city, which fell in May, however Daash.
And preparing three committees close to gray to receive displaced people in preparation to bring them back to their homes.
Brigadier-General Yahya Messenger, a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, "liberated the city of Ramadi and raised armed forces, the men of anti-terrorism device heroes of the Iraqi flag over the government complex Anbar supported by 11 military formations."
And confirms the bramble Ibrahim, a member of the Board of Ramadi District, "The Army liberated most of the city's neighborhoods," he said, adding that "95% of Ramadi came under the control of Iraqi forces."
It is likely the bramble, through contact with the (range), "there are some pockets of the Daash in some areas income army," he expected that there will be suicide bombers hiding in tunnels or in some houses.
And still the joint forces did not enter the Althelh near the government compound, which includes government departments and the headquarters of the police district.
In the meantime, the local gray authorities are preparing to receive the displaced people of the city to form a three-governmental committees. Nazho occupies one-third of the number of displaced people of Anbar, Iraq, whose number exceeded 3.2 million displaced people according to the latest Statistics.
Furthermore, said the international coalition, on Monday, freeing the city of Ramadi, "a significant milestone and a proud moment" for Iraq, as he emphasized that his support for Iraqi forces representing more than 630 air strikes launched and training brigades, army units and anti-terrorism federal and local police.
Warren said, "The support of the international coalition to Iraqi forces during the Battle of Ramadi, included directing more than 630 air strikes, and the training of several brigades of the Iraqi army and units of the fight against terrorism, as well as federal and local police officers who participated in the Battle of Ramadi," adding that " the success achieved today is a proud moment for Iraq. "
In turn, this congratulated the United States of America, on Monday, Iraqi security forces liberated the city of Ramadi, and promised him a strong blow to the organization (Daash).