Sinead: "the Arab summit security plan" includes the deployment of more than 10 thousand military in Baghdad, and control electronic camera
Posted 05/03/2012 04:19 PM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Called for a coalition of "state law" under the leadership of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to provide political and popular support to maintain the security plan in Baghdad to provide an appropriate atmosphere for the conference.
The MP for the "state of the law," Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary Hassan Sinead, that "the government's plan to save the security of the Arab summit, require the support of political forces, the issue is Ataathrk only as part of security services, and on the political blocs to show the seriousness of the government's support, and cooperation with them to ensure the success of the plan. "

MP for the "state of the law," Chairman of the parliamentary security and defense Hassan Sinead

The government formed a committee of senior leaders in the defense and interior ministries to oversee the implementation details of the plan, which he described as Sinead, it will be flexible by adopting several measures, "based the plan on the deployment of more than 10 thousand military, and will surround the capital, troops, and to identify entrances to Baghdad and monitored electronically cameras as well as field teams in charge of the imposition of security. "
Baghdad has seen since the beginning of last week's widespread security services a significant part of the implementation plan adopted by the government, coinciding with the start of the countdown to the summit later this month.