Kurdistan announced Thursday a public holiday

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: CE, a
It announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, the disruption of the official working hours on Thursday on the occasion of New Year's Day holiday instead of Friday, which falls on New Year's Day 2016. A spokesman for the Government of the Territory Sven Dzy in a statement received "Sky Press," that he "was considered on Thursday, December 31, this is an official holiday in all of the Kurdistan Regional Government institutions on the occasion of New Year's Day," congratulated "the Peshmerga forces and the families of martyrs by the New Year 2016 ". Dzy and expressed the hope that "New Year be filled with happiness for the people of Kurdistan and to be the final year of the victory of the terrorists." It is said that the first of the month of January the first day of the calendar year, most of the peoples of the world and is celebrating his arrival.

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