Calls for government investment of the productive sectors

12/28/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Suha Shaykhli
Iraq is suffering from economic hardship after the low oil prices which impact negatively on the general budget in 2016 is therefore necessary to look for ways to reform the economic situation of the country and involved in economic affairs to promote own reality.

That's what I started to talk economic expert administrative board of the Association of Iraqi economists member d. Akram Abdel Aziz, noting that the Iraqi economy is based on oil is a depleting resource, advocate involved in economic affairs to look for other ways, including the privatization.

The public sector and privatization

Dr. Abdul Aziz speaks for the public sector and privatization, he says:
Privatization is the orientation of the orientation of reform pursued by the economically including Britain and the United States developed countries for years ago Privatization is to give a wider area and the largest private sector to benefit from public sector property It is possible that privatization be in tourism or supermarkets.

And is supposed to put the administration in mind the efficiency of performance and for being a private sector always looking for the best and drew Abdul Aziz to Alakharll_khas_khash side, warning that the goal liquidation of public sector property claim PAUSE important about this proposal and the need to make the workers in the factories and laboratories partners when put stocks and bonds for the factories, but what concerns us that the privatization of Iraq's current situation and keep on the side of companies that were productive and income-generating and responsive to the needs of the local market, including cement, construction, textile and pharmaceutical plants, laboratories leather which were exported abroad For their quality.

And saw Abdul Aziz that they can be benefit from the receipt of technology, expertise and capital to contribute to the revival of companies or re-qualify them to be productive effectively and efficiently any check us return because of work, and that the government keep pace contain these companies because it has assets productive section of which only needs to support Simple Abertjdid production lines and the creation of some of the raw materials and I think the government is willing to go to achieve this provides us revenue and aside from the need for the local market.

Productive assets

It reiterated Dr. Abdul Azizalcol: The call to the liquidation of public sector property need to pause because the property of the public sector of asset-production and others of importance, value and possible to come back work and raise a section of the production if the contoured side of the care and attention a subject as important because privatization is not necessarily the liquidation but to build the loss came that could not Ntrjy them good after it is evaluated by specialists across the economic feasibility and can generate the revenue can go about liquidating there companies can be activated and keeping them under the public sector umbrella, and pointed out that Iraq is facing dumping Commodity can not stop him, but reduce it in the absence of flexible production system for Iraq, which can not produce goods now, but this possible import be selective manner that does not harm the interests of the private sector Iraqi.