Military Engineering cleanse the gray of explosives «Daash»

2712 2015
Of the Iraqi army senior military official, confirmed that the engineering effort is working hard to rid the gray of explosives left behind gangs «Daash» terrorist, after he was defeated in more than one area in Anbar province.

Field commander, said in a press statement yesterday: The «booby-trapping operations in the city of Ramadi, a very large, especially in Haouz neighborhood in which the most important government institutions are located», praising the efforts of the Directorate of «military engineering» one of the formations of the armed forces that have contributed so much in the liberation of many areas the process of gray.

He explained, that «edit the southern axis operations which led the fight against terrorism and the leadership of Ramadi, police service, continuing in full swing after it was launched last Friday», noting that the efforts of the Military Engineering Foundation kept pace with military operations first hand.

An officer in charge of the rank of colonel, he emphasized that «in two days will raise the Iraqi flag over the government complex», adding that «Haouz liberalization process driven exclusively by anti-terrorism police and Anbar device».

For his part, the commander of «anti-terrorism» Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, said «Champions anti-terrorism device were able to progress significantly during the past two days, where they cleared a wide range of areas and military hubs in downtown Ramadi», pointing out that «few days ZF will see the next Bushra edit gray of Aldoaash. »

It is said that, cell media announced the progress of the Iraqi military forces to «Haouz» area and closer to the government complex, after he had inflicted «Daash» expiatory local gangs and rebel collaborators great human and material losses.

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