Hakim warns of sedition and calls to make the next year the Year for "major regional settlement"

2015-12-27 23:25:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Warned the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Sunday, of "sedition" that that "broke out will make the nation in the last peace of civilization and Stlthmha fully", and called on Islamic countries to sit down at the table of dialogue and make the next year years for "major regional settlement," and with student the criminalization of "sectarian rhetoric and informatics sectarian sedition", confirmed that Iraq has regained 23% of its territory "usurped" by (Daash).

Hakim said in a speech during the International Conference of Islamic unity held in Tehran transported Information Office in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "sedition if erupted will make the nation in the last peace of civilization," noting that "sedition will not be limited to a specific spot but It will devour the entire nation. "

He called al-Hakim, to "some recognition of the other and tolerate differences in the details of belief and the vision and attitude with the face of letters of sedition and incitement and to move without sufficient data conviction and conferences, and to sit at the table of dialogue and the redistribution of roles and make the next year has been the major regional settlement."

He called al-Hakim, "the criminalization of sectarian rhetoric and speeches of satisfaction, incitement and spreading hatred legal and prosecution in all corners of the globe as the biggest challenge facing the Islamic nation in its history," warning of "sedition informatics sectarian cross-border higher attributable to the hatred that gripped the minds of young Muslims."

The promise of the Supreme Council of the leader of the Muslim, sectarianism "to dismantle the people and hit them each a political project," asserting that "secularism is not the system of government they do not address the problem of overcoming the strong on the weak and lose community immunity and the immunity of Brshehadh spiritual, moral constitute a framework socially risking human attribute of man."

He said al-Hakim, that "the Islamic Middle East pass today a great transformation," pointing out that "the region is not in front of a change in the geographical map of this region, but in front of shifts and changes in the new influence and the distribution of roles," calling on Islamic countries in the region to "sit at the table of dialogue and put limits on their own roles and spaces between them and do not leave this matter for the international forces and tampering with destiny. "

But he stressed the need "to resort to a Middle Eastern dialogue re-Muslims lead and heals my wounds table," noting that "the Islamic nation is facing a single destiny and existence coherent and enemies do not differentiate between one and are planning to undermine all of us across the drive a wedge between us."

He said al-Hakim, that "Iraq has achieved major victories over the Aldaasha terrorism and regained 23% of its territory usurped by (Daash) and continuous liberalization of 17% for the remainder of this violated the earth," pointing to "the importance of the security solution along with a political solution."

Promised al-Hakim, "Iraqi solution solution to Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and all Islamic countries inflamed," calling "factions of the Islamic resistance in Palestine to unite in the face of the Zionist entity Victory is coming in Palestine, Iraq and all countries if united the floor."