Mutlaq demanded an end to "accountability and justice"

It demanded the parliamentary Defense and Security Committee, on Sunday, to activate the role of law and the work of the official state institutions and the completion of the amnesty law and the end of the accountability and justice and to stop trespassing on public money and tackle corruption and to stop the spoilers.
A member of the committee MP Hamid al-Mutlaq told a news conference in the House of Representatives; "The Iraqi blood that blends above soil of the homeland in Ramadi and other blood of the sons of our armed forces and security services and volunteers of Anbar sons, is shining a form of national cohesion, which is important and motivated us All in moving towards the achievement of our national unity, and build the official state institutions capable of protecting the homeland and the citizen. "
The new al-Mutlaq claim the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi security and the leaders of the "Stop cases of kidnapping, arrest and extortion taking place in Razzazah area and the outskirts of Baghdad and other areas, and re-displaced people in Diyala and rock cliff and Yathrib and the area around Baghdad and the area of ​​Sulaiman Pek, which abandoned its people by the thousands and stop cases of robbery and looting of property" , directed his question to the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and security leaders, "who is responsible for the fate of more than 1,000 people were kidnapped from Razzazah area and on who is responsible for protecting the lives and property of citizens and law enforcement, and why not be the actions and the actions of others equivalent to the sacrifices of our heroes on the battlefields."
He praised al-Mutlaq, the "positions of the Sadr movement, leader Moqtada al-Sadr conscious and wise and fairness in speaking his country's interest receptor, where Iraqis are looking forward to the positions of a firm and strong religious reference in the prohibition of blood and money of Iraqis and their sanctities and the prohibition of public money", adding that "the Minister of Justice statement arrest 500 confidential informant a liar and the tip of the iceberg of grievances and misfortunes of the innocent. "
He stressed al-Mutlaq, "the need to raise grievances and activating the role of law and the work of the official and professional state institutions and the completion of a general amnesty for the innocent and oppressed and to stop the infringement and trespassing on state property and public money and an end to the law of the so-called Justice and Accountability Law and lift the injustice on the people and tackling corruption and punish corrupt people and embody the true spirit of citizenship law, which Champions blood in her body battlefield.