Osman: Arab summit will be headed by Talabani and Maliki will represent Iraq

MP for the coalition forces of Kurdistan, Mahmoud Othman said that President Jalal Talabani, will head the next Arab summit, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will head the delegation in Iraq.

Osman, denied the existence of any dispute between the two men on this subject, describing their relationship as good and can not be affected by things clear constitutionally.

Osman added that Talabani will head the Arab summit Baghdad for a year according to the law of regular Arab summits or for other conditions as if the summit had not healed by then.

The press sources had quoted the vice from their announcement of the rule of law, "al-Maliki sought to head the Arab summit, subject to approval from President Jalal Talabani as suffering health problems."

And across the MP for the coalition forces of Kurdistan Farhad Atrushi in his interview with Al-Watan newspaper surprise at the launch of these calls, which he described as "reflect the tendencies of chauvinism and racism, and ignorance of the material constitution gave the president the powers of ceremonial and symbolic, including the representation of the Iraqi state in conferences and international meetings."

He added that Talabani Atrushi face calls to Arab leaders, and the Constitution grants the President, the highest authority in the country, on the basis of this principle is better under the chairmanship of the Arab summit.