Hakim and Ghabban Basra discuss security and ways to counter organized crime

Search head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, with Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban the security situation in the province of Basra.
A statement by the presidency of the Council Hakim Ghabban received in his office and discussed the security situation in Baghdad and the provinces and ways to counter organized crime. " He praised al-Hakim, "the active role of Interior Ministry troops in all its different forms and in particular the federal police in the face of terrorism, praising the steps that you take the ministry towards e-government, including the national card, calling on the ministry to communicate with community leaders to reduce some of the negative phenomena Kalsaddamat clan and others, urging citizens to cooperate with the security services of being the first and most important source of intelligence. " He pointed Interior Ministry statement that he Ghabban "and a continuation of the efforts of his visits conducted by a number of concerned the security file to the province of Basra in order to achieve security and stability of the province, this morning visited the al-Hakim and discussed with him the recent repercussions for the file security to the province of Basra, which gave Bdilalh on the overall security situation of the country." .
The Minister of the Interior that "the fundamentals of the success of the security work is shared collective responsibility of all political forces, including local governments and leaders of the operations."
Ghabban also presented "al-Hakim, the most prominent on the security aspects of the coordination carried out by the Ministry of Interior in order to achieve overall stability in Basra." For his part, al-Hakim, the price of these efforts, large endeavors and wished her well and expressed his great passion on the need to support this ministry Alsdd.