During a joint press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministries of Industry and Commerce Announce a mechanism

During a joint press conference held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministries of Industry and Commerce Announce develop a common mechanism of action to support local products and supplement the ration card, including The Ministries of Industry and Minerals and Commerce held a joint press conference at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce have announced through on the status of the mechanism of action for future support of local products and talk about the possibility of providing the ration card from the Ministry of Industry and Minerals products vocabulary, Mr. Minister of Industry Mohamed's Darraji said in a statement at the conference: that it was agreed with the Ministry of Commerce on the rehabilitation of the Ministry of Industry plants for the production of materials are already present but they need to increase its production capacity to meet domestic demand in order to reduce import in addition to opening new marketing outlets for the Ministry of Industry products through supermarkets scattered across Iraq's provinces and rehabilitation Previously the permanent exhibition of products MIC building in the Baghdad International Fair for the same purpose, praising the great cooperation shown by the Ministry of Commerce in securing the needs of the citizens of the local product in line with government attitudes towards national product support and revealed Darraji for there will be a protocol between the Ministries of Industry and Trade for the rehabilitation of oil plants the Ministry of Industry and add a new line for packaging and ceiling time is estimated one year to cover 30% of the domestic requirement of oils. It is his part, Minister of Commerce Mr. Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani said the government has taken practical steps and serious to support the national industry and the Ministry of Trade is one of the first ministries in this area announcing the ratification of the contract to provide 225 000 tons of sugar by local investors. He noted that the vision of the government and the ministry are clear, that there would be support for each of the Ministry of industry products, and there will be the prevention and identification of the private sector because it is a key partner in the economic sector development in Iraq and pointed to the need to trust the Sudanese national product development Many of the well-known industries humble beginnings started and that the economic situation requires dependence on national resources and capabilities.