Transportation transmit port of Faw to 1,300,000,000 million dinars

Announced Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, on the transfer of the implementation of the project port of Faw to Basra Holding Company, confirmed reduce the amount of the project to one billion three hundred million dollars, while Basra Administration showed that the company executing the project will offer 51% of the shares of value of the project on the population of the province.
He said Bayan Jabr said during a press conference held on the sidelines of a meeting with the province of Basra management at his residence Palace Adnan, west of the capital Baghdad, and attended (range Press), said, "Today we had a meeting with the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui and Chairman of its Board Albzona morning to discuss the draft port of Faw to the reluctance of the project In the past two years because of the financial crisis that took place in the country, "noting that" the ministry stressed more than once on the need to convert it to an investment project.
"He said al-Zubaidi, that" the cost of the project was seven billion dollars and asked the Italian Chancellor curtailed in the form of stages and select the first phase one billion and 300 million dollars and is now ready for its new guise, "adding, that" the Italian chancellor presented the Declaration of desire for more than 90 global companies, but so far there has been no firm offer.
"He said al-Zubaidi, that" Basra management thought for a long time that the Construction of a seaport hard real by it and we agreed on so that the Basra Holding implementation ", pointing out that" the previous government was a decision that the project is built with state funds starting from the breaker eastern waves, which reached completion to 97% to the breaker western waves stage a 20% ready and changed the vision of the current government introduced a project to invest.
"And on the attempt by some neighboring countries obstruct the project, the Minister of Transport, that" I have no neighbors intention of interfering in this project and it is not acceptable for them to interfere in Iraq's affairs these waters and our land to build the what starch, and tries to stop it will be for us as a state and a clear position.
"For his part, the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui said during the conference, said that" the local government in Basra, considered the founding of Basra Holding Company to take advantage of its resources and Wardha, "explaining that" the project port of Faw hampered technical and financial reasons and political and we are a local as a government determined to adopt this project because of its large returns and operation of human resources in the province.
"He pointed Nasraoui, that" Basra management decided to have the participation of people of the province in the port project by 51% by shares put up for sale in a manner explain to them later "asserting that" the transport minister gave us all the powers to hire competent in this area companies will co-venture between Basra company and the companies that will be announced by 49%.
"He explained Nasraoui, that" this is the first gesture of the company Basra Holding and may continue in the field of oil, " noting that "after two weeks will be completed finalized and will sign with the Ministry of the contract and will see the next 2016 implementation of the project."
In the same context, he stressed the head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona during the conference, that "the former Ministry did not agree to the proposal of Basra manage the implementation of port project Great FAO but we got the approval now, "noting that" Basra Holding Company presented three years ago and made ​​companies in Basra performances as are take 51% and a continuous supply up to now, but we gave priority to the people.
"He pointed Albzona that" companies wishing to implement the project are also present and made ​​a request to Basra management to take 49% of the project. "The Ministry of Transport, the announced (March 30 2015), the project port of Faw put forward as an opportunity for investment all qualified investors who wish to invest the project under the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, and the regulations and instructions thereto, and showed that this comes within the Ministry of Transport policy to promote investment and joint enterprises operating in the ministry.