Trade: stop importing sugar-sufficiency and local products

The Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese, stop importing sugar and fill Iraq's need of domestic production, and as pointed out seek to support the national product and the private sector for the development of the economic sector, stressed the need for confidence in the national product and its development.
The Sudanese during a joint press conference with Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce and attended by the (long-Presse), "The meeting took place, with the Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji to encourage national industry," noting that "the government was heading towards domestic product and national industry support through plans and serious steps."
He said the Sudanese, that "The ministry proactive in National product support through the provision of ration card items from the local product, "stressing" the ratification of the contract to secure a single sugar through local investor and plant local to secure 225 thousand tons of sugar.
"He noted the Sudanese, that" the import of sugar process ended without irreversible ", pointing to "the ministry has sought to secure the rest of the vocabulary of the local product, including the oil substance."
He said the Sudanese, that "The ministry will open outlets to display local products and industries through the Baghdad International Fair and central markets in the provinces", calling for a "local product support and confidence in him and development ".