Anbar Operations Commander announces the edit region North of Ramadi, alzawya
December 26, 2015


Maj. Gen. Ismail said Al-mahalawi, Anbar operations Chief, on Saturday (26/December/2015), edit the alzoeh area north of Ramadi from the Organization "daash" terrorist, adding that engineering is currently working to dismantle packing planted in roads and in homes.

Al-mahalawi said that "the army has been able to during the process of editing the alzoeh area north of Ramadi from organizing daash", stating that "the Iraqi aviation and flight international coalition army operation," Sanda said.

He said Al-mahalawi, the region East of Anbar operations command headquarters between the international road and bridge albu Farraj, on the one hand, and the Euphrates River and gray Island Bridge ".

He stressed that "the region is free of elements regulating daash but still mined", stating that "the engineering effort is to dismantle the IEDs planted on roads and in homes.

Source was in Anbar operations command said earlier Saturday that the Anbar operations began the process of military Bridge North of Ramadi albu Farraj, direction city center.

Source: agencies