Reforms to the people ...... or ...... determine how political

Ahmed al-Husseini

Saturday 0.26 December 0.2015

Uprising of the Iraqi people against the dens of corruption in the joints of the Iraqi government, in all the provinces if they were the six provinces affected by the government's failure in the security file, and the virus had fallen to the terrorism of Bdaash cowardly, if it were stable, it would have all of Iraq's provinces united to get out demonstrations as we see it today , a reaction to the deterioration of services and security and the failure of the economy and failure in foreign relations and even the interior.

Which gave the green light to Prime Minister Mr. Haider Abadi, for the first time before, the source of the decision of the people and the House of Representatives and leaders of the political process with the blessing of religious leaders, was every Friday increasing numbers in Baghdad and other provinces, which frightened the corrupt and those who stand behind them, on the one hand, and the expectation of the people for reforms material that will remedy the difficult situation in which Iraq is going through, and followed Juma Juma Shi did not materialize.

And we woke up to the news filled by the media, the dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic, people are shocked by the hand and keep an eye out this mysterious on the other hand the procedure, and voices Palmaad and surprising and exhibitions, are those actions that will fix things? Is dilemma.

Deputy Prime Ministers of validity even if they are within the so-called political consensus of validity is important! As for the vice-President of the Republic, it is not expired and especially to parliament to withdraw its authorization for Ebadi on the one hand, and the lack of news of President and Vice President on the other hand, although he received the office of political consensus such as al-Maliki and Najafi As for Dr. Iyad Allawi, came as a result of a request from all the participants in the political process for receiving the national reconciliation which put all the obstacles to work for non-activated file !!! .

Will these actions are in the side of reform and where the reform of the security file, which lose Iraq several important Iraqi cities, and where reform of the deteriorating economy of Iraq through a number of things to sell dollars in the currency market and the budget deficit and cash reserve suffers from deterioration of the lack of economic minds manages this topic , and where reforms of reconciliation that solves the problems of Iraq through a general amnesty and the abolition of the subject of the mop and re-Iraqi minds and resolve the issue of displaced persons and migrants and rebuild the institutions of countries which do not exist in Iraq today.

We conclude from all those things that Brother Abadi did not go to repair the ravages received parties, but went for the liquidation of partners from all spectra, in order to autocracy and the exploitation of people's support and reference for their personal interests fact that most of the bench of one party, which belongs to him Abadi is known to the Iraqis.

Authorized political issue is not not determine how, and deviation from the path of reform in order to autocracy.