Maliki imprisoned on corruption charges

Mohammed Fakhruddin Thursday, December 24, the first 0.2015

Through the news that I received from the Integrity Commission by the Sayyed Hassan Yasiri the formation of a special committee to investigate money that Mr. al-Maliki and his family to the fourth degree, based on financial disclosure filed by al-Maliki to Dyalheiih in 2010 at the time of receipt of the presidency of the Council of Ministers said then owning worth (10000) ten thousand dollars Only a set of prayer beads and valves which has driven Dr. Yasiri from the search in earnest in Alakhbarat the body of what is owned by Mr. al-Maliki now worth up to eighty billion dollars are documented and registered in his name and the names of his family (his son and Shrah), a news if true, would be a serious blow to corruption and the corrupt and restore a resounding Authority its reputation and its oversight, a move calculated undoubtedly to Mr. Yasiri and his desire to restore the spirit of the value of the body and its role in the fight against corruption, especially as he Committee had been assigned to follow up the issue with some Lebanese, Jordanian and French banks, which includes most of the money smuggled It seems that al-Maliki has become a paper burned and nothing but the days and hear the news of the issuance of orders arrest against him being shall not have immunity, something which maybe he catches the President of the Integrity Commission and invited him to expedite the opening of corruption Maliki files, and his family is natural, Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud will be between two choices:

either follow integrity procedures and the issuance of the arrest warrants and that is unlikely certainly because of fear of Mahmoud al-Maliki and files owned by about corruption personally and manipulating the law in favor of al-Maliki and his entourage and the abolition of the hypnosis several corruption files that are also subject to

The second option is the closest is trying to influence the body and its presidency of the Tmtmh file or postponed at the very least in order to preserve national unity and Iraq in a fateful war with Daash and a priority which Masikon response Mr. Abadi certainly his attempt during al for the follow up the matter on the grounds that the fall of al-Maliki is the fall of the entire state and say to Mr. Hassan Yasiri fall state led by al-Maliki and his ilk spend led by Mahmoud and his ilk is the best for Iraq and Iraqis to remain Hola immune and Iswmun people ill suffering and injustice and have the power and excessive immunity to Atbih freelance and punishment that is the duty of the Commission is to pursue them and put them in prison either that or double on Iraq peace and we will wait for the seriousness of the matter and the health of the news to know the feasibility of the existence of the Integrity Commission and its role and feasibility of a regulatory and judicial authorities as a whole and not less stopped the proceedings in order to avoid embarrassment