Abadi calls on Arab countries to take a unified stance towards Turkey's violation of Iraq's sovereignty

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on Arab countries to take a unified stance towards Turkey's violation of Iraq's sovereignty. A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Abadi "received at his residence in the Chinese capital Beijing Arab ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions and accept the goals of his visit to China, Sino-Arab relations and the war waged by Iraq against Daash and terrorism, which affects the Arab countries and all the countries the world.
He said Abadi, according to the statement, "The Iraqi forces achieved successive victories against Daash most recently in Ramadi, while at the same time we are working to meet the demands of citizens in services and investment, especially in the regions and the provinces safe Therefore we seek to bring more investment companies, in addition to the reforms that we have launched a campaign In the past few months.
"The Prime Minister added that" Islam is a religion of peace, but Daash came to the draft sedition, murder and destruction has hurt Muslims before others and tarnished the Islamic religion and must autism generally terrorism that threatens us all.
"gave Abadi, according to the statement explanation of the actions taken by Iraq to counter the violation of which National sovereignty by Turkey and incorporated forces without the consent of the Iraqi government, "stressing that" the international position with us, "and called on Arab states to" take a unified stand with our commitment to good-neighborly relations, also confirmed the absence of any ground force to a foreign land Alarac.